5 Things Everyone Should Know about Detox Baths

By now you’ve probably heard about detox baths but maybe you aren’t sure why you should do them or how to. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered! I take a detox bath at least once a week (it’s a great self care Sunday activity) but I aim for three a week. Let’s dive into five things you need to know about these amazing baths!

1.Detox baths have physical benefits

On a physical level detox baths help us remove toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis such as pollutants in the environment and toxic products. The salt in Detox baths (more on this later) help your body operate at its best by drawing the toxins out of your body and leaving it in a better state. For instance, A research study by the University of Manchester found that detox baths can reduce inflammation in our bodies which is one of the leading causes of all illness. In addition to removing harmful toxins, the salt used provides the body with useful minerals. Other physical benefits of a detox bath include pain reduction, muscle relaxation and weight loss! Sign me up!

2. Detox baths have emotional benefits

A detox bath is a great way to manage and reduce your stress and anxiety. The salt and oils used create an instant mode of relaxation that lets your mind and body relax. Both the magnesium and the oils used in the bath have been shown to help reduce anxious feelings and some studies even show that magnesium (in salt) can help increase levels of serotonin. As you sink into the bath you can literally feels your worries be drawn out of your psyche. A great ritual after your bath is to take a quick shower and imagine all your limiting beliefs, worries and thoughts that no longer serve you be washed off your body and down the drain with the salt and oils.

doterra detox bath essential oils light and lotus

3. The bath should be 20 minutes

In order to gain all the physical and emotional benefits from the detox bath and give the body time to sweat and release toxins you want to do a minimum of 15 minutes but ideally twenty. This is great time to unplug and meditate or visualize what you want to bring into your life! If sitting this long is hard for you consider listening to an inspirational talk or music while in the bath.

4. The quality of ingredients matter

You need at least two ingredients for your detox bath: Epsom salts and essential oils! Both of these need to be great quality in order to have the desired healing effects. Let’s chat about the salt first. You want to get Epsom salts that don’t have any scent or fragrance added to it. Some of my favorite ones are sold on amazon such as San Francisco Salt Co.

The quality of oils you use is going to determine how healing the bath will be so you want to make sure your oils are CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade) such as doTERRA which is what I use. My favorite oil blend to use in a detox bath is our detox blend called Zendocrine.

Zendocrine supports the body’s natural ability to rid itself of unwanted substances. This powerful blend combines Rosemary, Cilantro, and Juniper Berry, known for their detoxifying properties and ability to support healthy liver and kidney function, while Tangerine and Geranium have purifying effects against unhealthy substances. Zendocrine helps cleanse the body of toxins and free radicals that can slow the body’s systems down, leaving a heavy, weighted feeling. Add 3-5 drops in your bath with your 2 cups of epsom salt for the ultimate detox bath! You can grab zedocrine here.

epsom salt bath doterra essential oils light and lotus

5. You can create different baths depending on your need

While zendocrine is my go to for a detox bath I have some other combos I love depending on my mood and what I’m dealing with that day. So, let’s look at some of my favorites:

Feeling Anxious: This is my favorite one for when I’m needing some calm in my life or I’m feeling stressed out.

2 drops Frankincense

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Cedarwood

2 cups of epsom salts

Immunity Boost: This is my go to bath when I’m sick or the kids are sick.

2 drops onguard blend

2 drops arborvitae

2 cups of epsom salt

Relief + Rescue: This is amazing for discomfort from working out or period cramps.

2 drops of copiaba

2 drops of lemongrass

2 drops of cypress

Make a commitment to a detox bath at least once a week! So, grab your oils, your favorite book and sit for twenty minutes. Once your done rinse off in a shower and get ready to feel your best! Want more self care rituals you can easily do to improve your life? Head over to my blog post on this topic!

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