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You already know I love self-care, animals and of course my oils! Did you know that I'm also a therapist, wellness coach and mom? As a mom, I know how important it is to have natural and safe options for ourselves and our children. When my friend and yoga teacher introduced me to doTERRA one year ago I never expected the oils could change my life. 

In fact, I was a little skeptical- what could these tiny bottles possibly do for me? Having used lavender oil before from my local health store I thought essential oils were just something that smelled nice. I was blown away when I realized in my starter kit there was literally an oil for every and any health situation that arose over the next few months. As I began to use to use these therapeutic pure grade (CPTG) oils on myself and my family I quickly saw how powerful they were! 

hi new friend!

xx, Jess

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pasta (gluten free of course)

have a farm of rescue animals

any bravolebrity (don't judge)

When you get your oils you also become a part of our beautiful community! Who are we? We are over 1400 women around the world (USA, Canada, Dubai, Europe and Australia!) We are mothers, health coaches, yoga teachers, therapists, school teachers, speech therapists and much more. We are every woman and we are Y O U. We support each other and love each other- we are a tribe! We are here to help you with your oils every step of the way!

Meet some of the amazing women who are building a doTERRA business with me below: (click on their pic to see their website)