Amp up your Self Care with Daily Essential Oil Rituals

  1. […] One way to use your altar is to use it as a place where you can connect with the divine/the universe. Whether you meditate, pray or do yoga to make this connection it can all be done next to or in front of your altar. You can also perform any rituals you like to do (full moon, new moon etc) with your altar. Having this physical space to do these rituals infuses extra meaning into them. If you need some ideas for rituals check out this blog post! […]

  2. […] No more searching through your drawers to find what oils you need once you’re all cozy in bed, simply store them inside this beautiful handmade display so you can always find the oil you need, when you need it! It’s also nice to have one each side of the bed so both people can have their favorite bedtimes oil nearby. Take a peak at it here! If you’re looking to get a morning and bedtime routine started using your oils check out this blog post! […]

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