Amp up your Self Care with Daily Essential Oil Rituals

Self care has become quite a buzz word these days, and seems to have lost some of its meaning. While some people may think of it as grand gestures such as weekend retreats or a spa day, self care is actually best defined in the small things we do daily!  

Our Morning routine is the perfect place to incorporate simple essential oil rituals. As a busy working mom of two kids this needs to be pretty simple and easy to do. An aligned morning ritual consists of a positive way to start the day combined with a grounding essential oil.   

Morning Routine:

I like to start the day with Balance Blend, which is a blend of tree oils that help you to feel grounded, safe and ready for the day. I pair the Balance Blend with an affirmation. You can buy affirmation cards, or you can simply create your own by saying: “All is well in my world” or “I choose to make today an amazing day full of love and happiness.”   

You can put the Balance Blend on your hands, rub them together and cup them over you nose.  Take a deep inhale and exhale while repeating the affirmation in your head. What an amazing way to start your day with intention.  It literally takes 30 seconds! If you have more time, you can also incorporate the Balance Blend or Frankincense oil into a meditation by adding a drop to your third eye chakra (in between the eyebrows).


Mid Day Routine:

As you go through your day, I find it helpful to have mindful moments scattered throughout. My favorite way to do this is to go to a quiet place and take three deep breaths.  Then place a drop of oil in your hand and rub it on to the back of your neck. If you’re need of a calming moment you can use Lavender, Frankincense or the Balance Blend.  For an uplifting boost to revitalize your energy, you can use Peppermint, Breathe Blend, Lemon or Wild Orange.   

If you work from home, it’s great to have a beautiful corner in a room where you can take your mindful moments! It can be as simple as a comfy pillow, yoga mat, your diffuser and some oils. I also keep inspiring books, affirmation cards, crystals and meaningful objects in my space for essential oil rituals.    

If you work at an office no worries, you can take a mindful break anywhere.  It’s available to you, whether you step outside and do it in the fresh air or even have to go in the bathroom stall. No matter where you go to have these self care moments, you’ll find doing so has a huge impact on your mood and energy!  

When you transition from work to your personal life at the end of the day, whether you’re physically coming home from work or just putting your work away for the day, it’s great to have an energetic boundary between the two. One blend that is perfect for this is the On Guard blend.  This is the oil of protection both physically (from germs and sickness) and emotionally from any negative energy. You can simply diffuse it after work to cleanse the air and transition into relaxation time!  

Bedtime Routine:

As we move into the night, we can end our day with intention by creating a beautiful bedtime routine and essential oil ritual.  My favorite PM ritual is to have a nightly detox bath. I add one cup of epsom salts, half a cup of baking soda, 4 drops of Lavender and 4 drops of Frankincense. This helps you release anything left over from the day.   

After my bath, I use Frankincense on my wrists to help me become calm and centered before bed. Then it’s time to get the diffuser going in the bedroom with 2 drops of Lavender and one drop of Frankincense, which sets the stage and foundation for a deep and restful sleep. I also like to add a drop of Lavender to my pillow.  

Before bed I massage Deep Blue Blend (the oil of surrendering pain) in my shoulders, neck and lower back to release any tension and relieve any pain from the day. You can pair this one minute massage with recalling three specific things from your day that you are grateful for. When we end the day with self-care, gratitude and surrender, we’re setting ourselves up for a restful and healing sleep.  

What’s something you can start doing to create your own daily self care routine? Your future self will thank you!  If you’re ready to amp up your self care and get started with essential oils head over here to check out my favorite starter kit of our top ten oils and our gorg diffuser!

You also don’t want to miss my free e-book on self- care roller ball blends you can make by yourself!

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