Hosting an essential Oils workshop

Hosting an essential oils workshop gives you the opportunity to share the healing power of essential oils with your friends and family and get free oils in return! Maybe you've been wanting a starter kit but it's not currently in your budget and want to get the oils free or you may already be a customer and want some extra free oils you have not bought yet!

I bring all the oils and supplies for everyone who comes to make their own custom blend free! You are welcome to have some snacks and drinks if you want but it's not a must have. 

 1. choose a date

Pick two dates that work for your schedule and email me at to see which one is best for both of us! 

3. following up

You'll want to follow up with everyone who said yes closer to the event. Remember the more people who get started with oils the more freebies you get! Think of how many lives you could change one class. 

I'm so excited to do this workshop for your friends! They will walk away with a free custom blend they make and tons of education on how to achieve wellness physically and emotionally. You will get a fun and relaxing night with your friends and a ton of free oils!
Feel free to reach out with any questions at