Five Must Haves for Your Doterra Biz

It’s not always easy to figure out what we should invest in to help our doTERRA  biz. Over the past two years I’ve tried out a lot of resources to help me build by business and to recently reach the rank of diamond and these are my five faves.  In my opinion it’s less about strategy and more about mindset when it comes to succeeding in doTERRA!

1. Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital: Okay so if I had to choose one resource  this would be it. This online course by my mentor Gabby Bernstein changed my life and my biz and almost everyone on my team has taken it!. It’s a totally unique combination of deep-dive spiritual practices and practical business tools that will create massive transformations in your life and career. This class has given me the confidence to launch my business to become a DoTERRA Diamond and to make monumental changes both personally and professionally.  If you do one thing for your career and your overall well being do Spirit Junkie Masterclass! It only opens once a year but you can get on the waitlist for June 2018 here.  

2. Canva: Anyone else sick of seeing the same images with the same font all over social media? I confess all my essential oil info pics used to look like everyone else’s but now I use canva so I can make unique and custom images. Like it or not pretty images do make a big difference! The best part is that it’s free and easy to use and You can download it in your phone app store. 

3.  Do you ever feel like you there a bunch of people sharing doTERRA and you don’t stand out? I used to feel like that until I took a course by money mentality guru Amanda Frances! She has two really helpful courses that changed things for me and my team. The first is specifically for us network marketers and I encourage my team to take it because it truly helps you set yourself apart from the rest. The second is called “The Money Mentality Makeover” and is  around changing your mindset around money and abundance and is helpful in all areas of your life!

4. The Share Success Library: This is a wonderful resource and its FREE! For every rank I wanted to reach starting at Elite I downloaded the appropriate rank map, printed it, and filled it out. I also love to print out and redo from time to time the affirmation statements, the find your why, and tell your story printables. Every month I print out the “Power of 3 Planner.”  Also encourage your team to use these free resources!

5. Facebook: Okay I know what you’re thinking- duh of course I use Facebook! Truth be told I only opened a Facebook account in 2016 solely because of my doTERRA business and it drastically improved both my enrollments and my retention! For retention, it was vital for me to have a FB group to educate my customers, run oil camp and share the monthly promos. There is no way I could reach that many people in a time effective way without FB. For enrollments, I use my FB account to  make new contacts (locally and internationally). One thing I have seen over and over again is that people are WATCHING WHAT YOU ARE DOING. They may not comment, or like your posts but believe me they are watching and it’s only a matter of time before they reach out to you either about the oils or the biz opportunity! I’ve had many people who have never shown any visible interest in my posts message me about joining my team. My advice is to keep your Facebook posts positive, uplifting and educational- every time you post ask yourself “Would someone want to partner with the person posting?” 

Which resource is your favorite? Feel free to share this blog post with you team! If you have any questions about Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital please reach out to me on instagram or email!


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