Love Your Period- Three Must Haves for Your Monthly Cycle!

How do you truly feel about your period? Is it something you dread and maybe even subconsciously feel ashamed of? Or is this natural process  something  you embrace and use as a time to slow down and take it easy? Whether we are aware of it or not from a young age we receive messages from society that our period is a hassle, something to be embarrassed about and dirty. So it’s no wonder that you may not be loving that time of the month! I find it fascinating that in cultures where there is no period stigma, menstrual pain is pretty much non-existent. Our period is also a time of heightened intuition  and a natural detoxing where we are literally shedding the old so let’s ditch any negativity around our periods and start using it as a time to pause and practice some self care! Below are three of my favorite things to make my monthly cycle super easy!

  1. By now you know (from all my blog posts and my insta) that I’ve tossed out any toxic products and maybe you have too! But, for a while I didn’t even think to check what scary chemicals were in my tampons and pads- scary! Did you know that walls of your vagina are super permeable and any chemicals in your tampons will go right into your bloodstream? About 85 percent of tampons contain glyphosate which is a known cancer causing ingredient. This chemical can lead to scary  hormonal, neurological, and immunological effects. Because of this I recently switched to organic only tampons and pads from a company called CORA. I also love that with every  purchase they provide pads and health education to girls in need in developing countries. This pairs perfectly with one of our charity projects at doTERRA called Days for Girls which a grassroots nonprofit that helps girls around the world gain access to feminine hygiene supplies, and provides education about proper hygiene.

2. I used to get bad period cramps and be out of comission for a few days ( thank you PCOS). But now thanks to Clary Calm a hormone balancing blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Geranium, Fennel, Palmarosa, and Vitex Leaf/Berry essential oils I’m pain free and my periods are lighter and shorter! The oils are adaptogenic so whether your periods are too heavy or too often or not often enough Clary calm will help balance your hormones out! It not only helps with cramps but it also makes a huge difference on your mood. So if you’re one of those girls who gets super cranky or weepy during your period Clary Calm will be your new best friend!

3. Now this one you may think is weird at first but I promise it’s not! I have four pairs of these and I love them- You’ve probably heard of them before- Thinx underwear! These washable, reusable and might I add cute undies can either replace your tampons/pad OR the way I mostly use them is to prevent any leaks especially at night! On super light days you can totally just wear the undies and no they won’t feel wet and gross. Some people even wear the pairs designed for heavier flow on heavy days and nothing else. I really like them for extra protections and love that I don’t have to worry about leaks and ruining my sheets or jeans. They also do a ton of charity work and have education programs in schools for girls to empower and educate girls on their period! Their underwear is made of  a four layer technology with moisture-wicking cotton, odor-trapping lining, super-absorbent fabric and a leak-resistant barrier so you stay fresh ‘n’ dry!

Now that you have three new must haves for your period I can’t wait to hear how your next cycle goes! Know anyone who struggles during their period? Share this blog and Clary Calm with them!

Want more info on ways to use essential oils? Hello!? Who wouldn’t? Grab a free e-book here!

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