What People are saying...

“Working with Jess and using oils has been a game changer for my family and I! I chose doterra and to get my oils from Jess because she is knowledgeable about oils, is so helpful and is such a great resource. I love that the oils have been proven effective and there are so many resources through Jess’s educational group and doTERRA that I feel like a very informed consumer. My Children have been healthier than in the past and their sleep has gotten better! Before I used oils I didn’t feel nearly as great as I do now. Last year we were able to use oils to treat a health issue my child had and he got better quickly- no one else in the house got it thanks to the oils.” - Karen O. Boston, MA 

"Jess has been so helpful to me as I’ve begun my Essential Oil experience. I knew virtually nothing about essential oils with the exception that they smelled pretty! I had no idea all the varied uses of the oils, including how they could improve my health. Most importantly, I had no idea about the difference in quality of oils until I researched doterra.

Jess’s essential oils FB group has been invaluable to me. Several times per day, she posts tidbits about individual oils: their uses, their provenance, and even recipes – whether those recipes are for cleaning, eating, or improving one’s health by decreasing the amount of  store bought products and substituting with essential oils.

My husband and I have decreased our use of OTC seasonal threats sprays in favor of equal parts Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils (plus FCO) in a roller ball. Roll it over your feet, your neck and throat, and your chest for relief!

A large part of my essential oil use is in cleaning. I used to feel “heavy” and tired, my throat even felt sore, after using traditional cleaning products. Jess provided many recipes for a sink and bath tub cleaner, multi purpose spray, shower curtain cleaner, toilet cleaning pods, and one of my favorites: Dishwasher Tablets. Now when I walk by my dishwasher as it is working, I don’t smell the toxic cleaner. All I smell is FRESH air. A bonus is CLEAN dishes!! And after cleaning my bathroom, I don’t feel ill. I feel upbeat and refreshed, believe it or not!

Speaking of being upbeat, I’ve struggled with ongoing sad feelings. Jess recommended several essential oils including Lavender (my favorite), Serenity, Balance (my second favorite) – depending on my mood, I’ll put a few drops of one or more of these in my palm and inhale deeply three times. Within minutes, I’ll feel uplifted, as if a weight has gone" - Julie M. Bloomsburg, PA


“Being part of Jess' oil community and doterra is stress free and fun and I know my oils are of the highest quality! I chose doterra and to go through Jess to get the oils because she is super knowledgeable and is always posting tips, tricks and oil info on Social Media! Jess has been so helpful with all the information she posts on Facebook and ideas on ways to use the oils, recipes, etc.
 Before I got the oils I felt lost but since then so much in my life has improved. I've used oils for self care and to better all aspects of my life. I've been making my own roller blends since getting off of birth control 4 months ago, to help support my hormones and they have helped a lot!” – Jenny M. Austin, TX

"Before I started using doterra oils I felt like I needed to eliminate as many chemicals as possible. I looked at different oil companies but choose doterra and to get them through Jess because of the transparency of the sourcing and approach of doterra and Jess is super easy and helpful to work with!

Since then I have used the oils for diffusing and have eliminated so many chemicals from my home- for scent and for cleaning. I love the fresh, clean feeling scents of the oils and how the air in my home feels lighter. My favorite part of using oils is learning about new ways to use them and experimenting with DIYS. Jess is super helpful, responsive and friendly- easy to work with!

Doterra and Jess are the right fit for me because of the great sourcing, the purity of the oils, and the ease of working with Jess- no pressure, just friendly help at whatever level you need.

Probably the best result I’ve seen is a tip I learned in the group regarding recurring head tension- using copaiba and frankincense under the tongue really has helped decrease the length of the head tension that I get.  Working with Jess and Doterra is easy, satisfying and informative! Jess is super responsive and always willing to help in whatever way she can"- Ingrid. B Houston, TX

"Prior to getting started with essential oils i was feeling: anxious, stressed, overwhelmed and not grounded. Since starting the oils, while I will always have anxious feelings, I have found oils to help me manage my feelings of stress and overwhelm. I turn to Peace, Balance, Copaiba, Serenity and Frankincense often and they all help me manage my undercurrent of anxious feelings. Sometimes I will be at work and feel a wave of panic/anxious feelings, I put On the Peace and Balance and it is amazing how quickly it often helps. Doterra oils have become a necessary part of my wellness and self care rountine. I have also found a lot of support for my digestion issues with DigestZen and energy with the LLV pack. 

I chose to get doTERRA with Jess, because I found her to be so knowledgeable, kind, patient, helpful and understanding. I was using another brand of oils, but just didn’t feel as much of a connection to the company. From the very beginning I have felt very well informed, heard, take care of, supportive and encouraged. The tribe, sisterhood and people drew me to Doterra
My favorite oils are: Peace, Balance, Copaiba, Frankincense and Serenity. I also utilize the Copaiba and Serenity soft gels. I use DigestZen all the time too!

Jess is just the best! I truly appreciate the sisterhood and tribe she had created. As an introvert this can all be overwhelming, but Jess is always so helpful and understanding
Working with Jess is care-free! She is inspiring, motivating and supportive.
- Patty L, New York