Top 3 Essential Oil Storage Options

Let’s be honest, we want our storage solutions to be pretty and fit in with our home decor! Gone are the days of putting your oils in a Tupperware box or scattered around your house. Truth is, the more organized and easy to find your oils are, the more you will get out of them. One thing I find helpful is to have little oil stations throughout my house. So I have one in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and kids room. This way I can organize them by the oils I use most in the kitchen (lemon, Abode blend, wild orange, Onguard, peppermint), the bedroom (lavender, serenity blend, balance blend, cedarwood), and all the other rooms and easily access them. So whether you are brand new to oils or a seasoned oil user let’s take a look at some of my favorite storage options!

Modern Enclosed Display

This display is my favorite for the living room since it’s modern and sleek and really doubles as home decor! You can showcase your twelve must have oils with this pretty holder. Some oils I like to have in my living room are ones I diffuse regularly such as Hygge blend, peppermint, wild orange, Citrus Bliss, grapefruit and Balance blend. When you diffuse oils in a common space like your living room you can easily affect and help everyone’s mood in the house. I also have one in my home office with my oils for focus such as Motivate blend, spearmint, rosemary and vetiver! You can grab it here.

Two Drawer Tower

This one is in my kitchen and I love it! If you follow me on Instagram you’ve definitely seen it in my stories.

This Two Drawer Tower makes it easy to store 20 (15ml) essential oil bottles anywhere in your home. I even have some 5mls in there. One thing I love is that if you have limited counter space (I don’t like crowded counters) it’s no problem! This display is only 6 inches tall and 5.5 inches deep so it will fit almost anywhere and not take up all your counter space! It’s sleek, modern and blends in with my kitchen vibe.

This display also works well in your bathroom and even inside your cabinets to keep things organized and easy to find! Oils that are must haves for the bathroom are tea tree, blue tansy, Zendocrine, and Deep Blue.

Chiseled Display

This handmade beauty is made of natural stone and holds up to seven full-size essential oil bottles! Perfect for holding your must-have essential oils and displaying on your bedside table. I don’t have a lot of space on my bedside table so I love that this isn’t too big. Mine is full of all my oils for sleep like Serenity, lavender and Vetiver. I also like to keep breathe blend in it in case I need some bedtime respiratory support!

No more searching through your drawers to find what oils you need once you’re all cozy in bed, simply store them inside this beautiful handmade display so you can always find the oil you need, when you need it! It’s also nice to have one each side of the bed so both people can have their favorite bedtimes oil nearby. Take a peak at it here! If you’re looking to get a morning and bedtime routine started using your oils check out this blog post!

Now that you know my top three essential oils storage options, I can’t wait to see your favorites! Tag me on Instagram which one you decide to get. Not vibing with any of these three? Don’t worry as there a lot more options you can find here! I bet you will find at least three that match your home decor and personality.

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