Why I Switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk!

Okay so I was all set up on mail chimp and things were going well. I had a good open rate and even some automation emails happening! But something was missing. I never felt like the templates or email were really pretty or on brand for me. Then I discovered Flodesk and within ten minutes of the free trial I decided to move over all my subscribers and emails! So keep reading to find out why:

The Flodesk templates are gorgeous:

While the templates in mail chimp were okay I never felt inspired or excited to draft my emails. Flodesk is a whole different story: The templates so pretty, have tons of color options and get you really excited to create for your subscribers. I found myself losing track of time having so much fun creating content! The color options are the best I’ve seen in any email service! You can even save them as your brand colors so all your emails are on brand for you. I find the flodesk emails look so much more professional and people will be wondering how you created such a gorgeous email!

flodesk email doterra

It’s simple to use:

Okay I’m definitely not a tech savvy girl and I find flodesk so much more intuitive to use. I found mail chimp confusing and took me along to figure it all out. Within one day of flodesk I felt fluent in it and was navigating it with ease! I was able to easily create separate “audiences” for my different email lists, create an automated campaign and create sign up forms. So far it’s been a huge time saver in my business!

The flodesk price is right:

With mail chimp and almost all email services the price goes up with how many subscribers you have. This is not the case with flodesk! No matter how many forms you make, emails you send or people on your list the price stays the same. Not only does the price not go up it’s pretty low to begin with!

They are very helpful:

As I was moving everything over I had some questions and within minutes a Flodesk staff in their facebook group answered all my questions! I’ve never experienced such great customer service and felt very supported in moving all my contacts and emails over. Just know that if you decide to use Flodesk you will have a community of people helping you figure it all out!

Flodesk doesn’t ban MLM’s:

You guys know I’m a doterra girl and mailchimp announced recently they will no longer allow anyone who shares info from their MLM (multi level marketing company) can have their account terminated. What? Yes it’s true and I know many people who have been forced off the platform and suddenly have no way to reach their email subscribers. Flodesk welcomes everyone and I can share about my love of oils with no concern!

Flodesk was kind enough to give me a 50% link just for you! No other email service can offer this amazing price with such gorgeous and easy to use templates! If you are already in a free trial of it you can still get 50% off when you are ready to join with code LIGHTANDLOTUS.

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