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You have the innate power to heal yourself! Essential oils can empower you to take control over your physical and emotional well being. When you open those little bottles you are opening the door to self-care, empowerment and high-vibe living. I'm so excited to support you and welcome you to our oil tribe!


Most days you can find me helping women all over the world take control over their healing! When I'm not busy teaching oil classes or sharing my self care tips on insta, you can find me spending time with my kids and our three rescue pets! As a wellness coach and a therapist I love serving the world by empowering women especially the 1400 who are in my oil tribe! I'm also super passionate about self-care, toxin free living and animals. I can't wait to welcome you to our community

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“Working with Jess and using oils has been a game changer for my family and I! I chose doterra and to get my oils from Jess because she is knowledgeable about oils, is so helpful and is such a great resource. I love that the oils have been proven effective and there are so many resources through Jess’s educational group and doTERRA that I feel like a very informed consumer. My Children have been healthier than in the past and their sleep has gotten better! Before I used oils I didn’t feel nearly as great as I do now. Last year we were able to use oils to treat a health issue my child had and he got better quickly- no  one else in the house got it thanks to the oils.” - Karen O. Boston, MA 

“Being part of Jess' oil community and doterra is easy, stress free and fun because I get to learn about Doterra's impact and know my oils are of the highest quality! I chose doterra and to go through Jess to get the oils because: she is super knowledgeable and is always posting tips, tricks and oil info on Social Media! Jess has been so helpful with all the information she posts on Facebook and ideas on ways to use the oils, recipes, etc.
 Before I started using oils I felt lost but since then so much in my life has improved. I've used oils for self care and to better all aspects of my life. I've been making my own roller blends since getting off of birth control 4 months ago, to help balance my hormones and they have helped a lot!” – Jenny M. Austin, TX

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