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Good Vibes Only: How to Clear Your Energy with doTERRA Essential Oils

Did you know it’s important to clear your own energy in addition to the energy of your home?

Think about it- all day we interact with people whether it’s in person or online and these interactions can affect our energy.  The same way if we don’t wash our hair it picks up residue, pollutants and build up our energy too will pick up unwanted things such as negative thoughts, someone else’s energy, stuck feelings and much more. As an example, have you ever left a get together with someone who was hostile to you in some way or maybe they were just very upset and disregulated and when you get home you notice you feel off too? This is because you have picked up some of their energy and need to clear it. Luckily the process to do so is simple and quick!

Cleansing our energy is not a one time thing but more of an ongoing practice we can use either on specific dates to make it easy to remember (like a full moon, new moon or every Sunday) or something we do when we intuitively feel we need it. If you are brand new to taking care of your energy I recommend you pick a time to do it weekly or maybe even daily in a smaller way so you remember to do it! Let’s dive into three way you can cleanse your energy:

Evening Routine to Cleanse your Energy:

A simple daily  routine that you can do each night right before bed is to place a few drops of the Aromatouch Blend which is known as “the oil of relaxation.” This blend contains basil (renewal), grapefruit (honoring the body), Cypress ( motion & flow), Marjoram (connection), lavender (communication), peppermint (joy).  Aromatouch helps the body to relax and release any tension and energy you may have collected during the day. By massaging this blend into your shoulders every night you are allowing your body and mind to let go of any unwanted thoughts, feelings and situations you experienced in the day. This is the perfect one minute way to end the day and prepare for bed! If you like it  you can also pair it with an affirmation such as ” I release today- I let go of worry, fear, stress and anger.   I release any negative thoughts and energies and keep the positive ones. My sleep is restful and peaceful and tomorrow is a new day.”

Protective Routine:

for a preventative practice that you can do before you are seeing someone who you know can be energetically draining for you is to place a drop of clove oil 1 inch  below your navel. Clove is known as “the oil of boundaries” making it an ideal oil to use when faced with someone who you need place an energetic boundary with. Clove oil helps individuals to stand up for themselves in a proactive way and to be less affected by other’s behaviors and energy. Cloves helps us to build up important boundaries to protect our energy. We place the oil below our navel since that is where our sacral chakra is which is our center for connection, power and boundaries.  It is the place of connection to self and others. As always if it doesn’t resonate with you to place your oil there feel free to place a drop anywhere on your body that feels right for you!

Daily Routine to Cleanse the Energy of your Home

A great way to make sure the energy in your home is positive is to diffuse lemongrass oil! Lemongrass is actually known as the “oil of cleansing,” and is a powerful cleanser of energy. When diffused it helps those in the house and the energy of the space let go of old limit beliefs and any toxic energies. If there is any stagnant energy in the house lemongrass will help clear it and allow the energy in the house to flow freely. Using lemongrass is similar to sageing your house! you can also easily make a lemongrass spray with 15 drop of lemongrass and fill the rest of the bottle with water. You can then spray different areas of your house where you feel there may be negative or stagnant energy. When spraying the lemongrass or putting the drops in the diffuser you can also say this intention ““I cleanse this room of any negative or stagnant energy or anything that does not support the people that live here.”

Hop on over to instagram and let me know how you clear energy in your life! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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