doterra aroma essentials kit

doTERRA Aroma Essentials Kit

Goodbye toxins, hello nature! By now most of us are how many toxins are lurking in our home from our cleaning supplies to artificially scented candles. One of the simplest things you can do to toss those toxins and create a calm environment in your home by diffusing gifts from nature- pure essential oils! This is exactly why we created the new doTERRA Aroma Essentials kit.

Diffusing oils in your home has lots of benefits from purifying the air to uplifting the mood of everyone in the room- yes even cranky husbands and children!

Essential oils contain massive concentrations of powerful plant chemicals and can stimulate the subconscious with their scents bringing feelings of alertness, happiness, calm, relaxation, or sleepiness.

When diffusing or smelling right out of the bottle these aromas can elicit powerful physiologic, mental, and emotional responses. By using aromatherapy to keep negative states of being such as stress, tension, and sleeplessness at bay, we are able to give our overall health a boost.

Now that we know diffusing oils is going to change your life let’s take a look at the ten oils that come in this amazing doTERRA Aroma Essentials kit!

The Uplifting Aroma Essential Oils

Peppermint: The high amount of menthol in pure peppermint oil makes it a super cooling and refreshing oil and one I use diffuse when I’m feeling tired, low energy or overheated! This cooling sensation also makes it an ideal choice for head tension. I love to diffuse peppermint and wild orange when that slow moving afternoon time comes before dinner. It helps everyone in the house stay happy and energized!

Wild Orange: You can’t smell wild orange and not smile- it’s pure sunshine! This citrus oil is known for purifying the air and promoting an uplifting environment. I also use it to make a non toxic multi purpose cleaner. Diffusing wild orange is sure to lift your spirits! My secret tip: add it to French toast for a little zest!

Onguard: You’ve probably heard of this powerhouse immune blend! I always have moms come to me at school pick up and ask If I have any of that secret sauce for staying healthy. Onguard is our immune support blend and in it is wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary. Diffuse it to keep everyone in the house healthy! You can also put it on the bottoms of everyone’s feet if you know someone around you is sick. Also great for when you’ll be in a crowded place like a school, airplane or mall. No more sick days over here!

Breathe: I became convinced oils work after using this blend as it helped my kids with recurring respiratory issues and basically changed our lives! Breathe is a blend of lemon, cardamom, tea tree, laurel leaf, peppermint and ravintsara. It helps to clear airways and breath easy. I like to Throw a few drops in the diffuser when someone has the sniffles. You can also rub it on their chest with coconut oil and immediate relief happens! Some people also love to diffuse Breathe for sleep.

Cheer: This happiness blend creates a warm and inviting environment and adds some joy to your day! This blend is made of cinnamon, clove, wild orange, ginger, vanilla and star anise. If I or anyone in my house is feeling grumpy or discouraged I put cheer in the diffuser.

The Calming Aroma Essential Oils

Balance: This grounding blend really helps you feel calm, safe and well grounded! I use it daily on the bottoms of my feet to help me stay grounded all day. I love diffusing it to create a peaceful vibe in our house. Balance is a blend of frankincense, blue tansy, spruce, chamomile and ho wood. Check out my blog post on how I use Balance in my daily routine here.

Adaptiv: This mental health blend honestly got me through the pandemic. I love it topically on my wrists to help me stay calm throughout the day. I also use it in the diffuser when to make our house peaceful. It’s a blend of lavender, magnolia, neroli and sweetgum to provide stress relief. It also has wild orange, spearmint to uplift your mood and copaiba and rosemary for those pesky anxious thoughts on loop in your head. I guarantee this blend will make an impact on your life! Check out the science behind this blend here.

Serenity: The magical sleep oil that will not only help you fall asleep but improve the quality of your sleep! Pop it in the diffuser before bed and I like to put some in the bath too. This fan favorite is my sleep must have. It is made of lavender, marjoram, roman chamomile, ylang ylang and sandalwood. All these oils have been studied to show they help with sleep!

Citrus Bloom: This coveted blend sells out in minutes every time it becomes available so people are thrilled its included in this collection! It’s basically a fresh bouquet in a bottle and has grapefruit, lavender, magnolia, wild orange and roman chamomile in it! I wear it as a perfume and I love it in the diffuser all day long.

Northern Escape: This new blend makes you feel alive and like you are in the middle of a calm, beautiful forest. A blend of black spruce, Siberian fir, cedarwood, cypress ,honoki, frankincense, clove, and cananga it immediately transports you to a peaceful place. I use it both in the bath and in my diffuser when I need to relax!

The Laluz Diffuser

Those are the beautiful oils that come in this collection but I have to mention the sleek diffuser that also comes with it. The laluz diffuser is made of glass and basically doubles as decor because it’s that sleek and pretty! It’s a one-of-a-kind ultrasonic diffuser that has up to eight hours of runtime. It also has three light settings to match whatever vibe you’re going for.

I can’t wait for you to transform your home into a calming sanctuary! Grab the doterra aroma essentials kit here and you’ll get a free welcome package and gift from me!

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