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The Secret to Wellness is Found in Your Daily Routine!

As I started my journey to wellness using essential oils I quickly became excited about all the fun DIY’s I could make. From a geranium hair mask to an outdoor repellant spray that actually works to a chemical free hand sanitizer. But what I was really missing is that true wellness both physically and emotionally comes not from big, fancy gestures but actually from the small tasks we do every single day. A few months ago I spoke at a doTERRA event and this was exactly the subject of my talk! How can we create easy, sustainable and effective daily habits that will help us a live a life full of intention rather then a life of intervention and constant, expensive trips to the doctor? I have the answer for you! Keep on reading to find out the secrets to a great daily routine.

The two most important parts of daily rituals are what we do when we wake up and before we go to bed. As a busy mom of two kids and a bunch of animals this needs to be pretty simple and easy to do (especially in the morning). A good morning routine consists of a positive way to start the day combined with a grounding yet invigorating essential oil. I like to start the day with Balance Blend which is a blend of tree oils that help you to feel grounded, safe and ready for the day. I pair the Balance Blend with an affirmation. You can get affirmation cards on amazon or you can simply create your own by saying “all is well in my world” or ” I choose to make today an amazing day full of love and happiness”. You can put the balance on your hands, rub them together and cup them over you nose while taking a deep inhale an exhale while repeating the affirmation in your head. What an amazing way to start your day with intention that literally takes 30 seconds!


The second part of my morning routine is about nourishment and reducing my toxic load. Sadly we are being bombarded with toxins whether its in the pesticides in our food (yes even organic) , plastics from cups or our  beauty and cleaning products (find out how to swap them out here).  I start every morning with my diffuser going (lemon or onguard blend in it) and a big glass of water and a drop of lemon oil (very different from lemon juice) to help me detox! Lemon oil is very high in limonene much more then the juice making it a powerful antioxidant and cleanser. It doesn’t have citric acid in it like the juice so it’s much easier on your belly! P.s I also make all my cleaning supplies with either lemon or onguard oil to reduce toxins in my home. 


No matter how well we eat, our bodies still need minerals and vitamins that are bioavailable (our body can actually absorb them unlike store bought ones that make your pee yellow). Our Life Long Vitality trio ( aka LLV)  of vitamins is pretty much a game changer! Part one is our Microplex VMz which has natural highly bioavailable vitamins, minerals (For example, vitamins A, C, and E, B, and D, and the minerals calcium, magnesium, and zinc.) This is going to be huge for your metabolism, digestive system, immunity + cellular health! Next up of the trio is our Alpha CRS– every day our body is under assault by free radicals that attacks our cells. Free radicals are  reactive and unstable molecules that are from exposure to toxins  such as carcinogens in cleaning and beauty products, environmental chemicals  smoke and ultraviolet light to name a few. Free radicals damage our DNA and can sometimes lead to cancer. The nutrients in this LLV blend (coenzyme Q10 and acetyl-l-carnitine as an example) will help protect you body stay + healthy.  Last but not least of our LLV is our xEO mega which helps out with our remaining needs  with omega-3s, essential oils, and vitamins D and E. Fatty acids. Total game changer for skin, discomfort and heart and brain health!  I just pop one of each pill after breakfast with a ton of water and one of each after lunch. So that’s 6 pills to feel my best! I always say you can take a bunch of vitamins now or you can take a bunch of prescription pills when you’re older- up to you!

life long vitality doterra. supplements

Let’s now talk a little about our immune system and staying healthy (no more sick days from school or work! Save them and use them as a self care day). The two key products for this are the LLV as this the foundation of your immune system and our immunity blend onguard. Onguard is a blend of oils shown to support the immune system such as wild orange, clove, rosemary, cinnamon and eucalyptus. You can use onguard any time throughout your day in your diffuser to cleanse the air, on the bottoms of your feet to protect you from germs and sickness you are exposed to and internally to prevent getting sick or shorten how long you are sick for!

doterra onguard immune support essential oils

Now it’s time for your evening routine which is my favorite! Before bed I always take my probiotic PB Assist. All the research is showing now that our health, both mentally and physically begins in the gut so you want to keep your gut in good health! Pb assist is not like your store bought probiotics as it’s a combo of a pre-biotic fiber and six strains of probiotics in a unique double layer capsule. The time-release, double-capsule delivery system was created to protect the sensitive probiotics from stomach acid which makes it much more effective!

After my probiotic I do a nightly detox bath because I’m a huge bath lover. I add one cup of epsom salts, half a cup of baking soda and 4 drops of lavender and 4 drops of frankincense. After my bath, I use frankincense on my wrists to help me become calm and centered before bed. You can also add a drop to your facial moisturizer as it helps with wrinkles. Then it’s time to get the diffuser going in the bedroom with 2 drops of lavender and one drop of frankincense which sets the stage and foundation for a deep and restful sleep. I also like to add a drop of lavender to my pillow! Before bed I massage deep blue rub in my shoulders, neck and lower back to release any tension and relieve any discomfort from the day. This evening routine is pretty much guaranteed to improve your sleep! When we sleep better our physical and emotional wellness drastically improves. Want more sleep tips? Head over here!

doterra lavender essential oils for sleep

Now that you know how to set up a life changing daily routine you may be wondering how do I get everything I need to do this? Luckily I got you covered! I have a custom daily habits kit at a huge discount made just for you right here. You can also feel free to add any other oil you may want to it!

It comes with:

  • On Guard® —Use to support immunity
  • Balance® —Use to lessen stress and anxious feelings
  • Frankincense —Use to promote cellular health
  • Lemon —Add to water to help release toxins + make cleaning supplies
  • Lavender—Use for restful sleep and stress management
  • Deep Blue® Rub—Use topically for discomfort and sore muscles
  • doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack: xEO Mega, Alpha CRS+, Microplex VMz®—Maximize your daily nutrient intake
  •  Supplements: Digestive enzyme- TerraZyme®, PB Assist®+—Support digestion and have a healthy gut!

Grab it here! If you were to buy each product separately it would be $150 more!

You also get:

+An introductory packet with an “essentials” book, cap stickers, product guide. 
 + access to our private Facebook group with daily education on how to use the oils, DIY recipes for beauty, health and cleaning products using the oils in your kit, and support for any questions you have

+  a free 30 minute wellness consult on the phone (75 $ value)
  + a welcome package with a mini Modern Essential book ( a guide on what oils to use for what health issue), a rollerball bottle to create your own custom blend and two samples of oils not included in your kit (25$ value)
  +a free doTERRA wholesale membership with 25% off all products!
access to the Loyalty Rewards Program where you can earn points for free products and the free product of the month!
+NO requirement to buy again- all of the above are totally optional and you can choose to opt-in or not! There is NO monthly fee, NO monthly ordering required! Pinky promise there is no catch!

doterra healthy habits kit

To get this discounted kit click here and say hello to emotional and physical wellness!

Want my free e-book on DIY recipes with essential oils? Grab it here!

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